Brochure Printing

We have extensive experience in providing all forms of event and brochure printing. We have included some details which may help when you consider developing material for your customers.

We can help with: Newsletters, Manuals, Price Lists, Booklets, Programmes, Memberships Cards.

Some thoughts that may help you when developing your material.

The three main elements to consider:


This is where you shine. You know your business and you know your customers and the message you want then to understand from the communication. In summary:

At this point focus on

  • Aim of the communication

  • Focus on benefits to the customer

  • Why is this communication important to your customer


This is very important, and where we can help.

  • Copy and image should be appealing to your target audience

  • How will the medium be distributed? Web, hard copy, social media?

  • Your design should stand out from your competitors

  • If hard copy, then the following are important: size, number of pages, folding style, colour or black and white and paper weight.

  • If electronic then design and where the medium is to be delivered is a critical decision.  It will affect the design of the material.

  • The design must reflect you. So working with us is important, so we know you.


This is the easy step. You can leave this to us. We will deliver on time and to the correct quality standard.